1. Performance – Walking the Talk

At E.P.B., it is all about delivering orders perfectly, how complex they may be. With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide faster, more efficient and simply better label- and sleeve solutions. To deliver in the best conditions, we start by making agreements which we can fulfill. We walk the talk and follow through. It might be obvious, but this is where we make the difference.

2. Passion – Proud of our Performance

The passion all around at E.P.B. is inspiring. We embrace our projects and want to do what we are good at, so we can be proud of our performance. We share our thoughts with the clients to help them meet their plans. No efforts are saved as we want our clients to succeed in their business. ‘We take it personal’.

3. Partnership – Satisfied Customers

It is all about labels and sleeves, but people are central : customers, suppliers, colleagues and partners. That is what we are aware of, reason why we cherish these relationships.

Long term customers’ and colleagues’ confidence and collaboration with our partners and suppliers give us a solid foundation. We listen to our customers and have a deep understanding of their needs. This is what our reputation of creative solution provider for sleeves and labels is made of. Since many years E.P.B. earns the confidence of satisfied customers by engaging in the right partnerships.

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